MyPoints has paid off ~ 5,000 United MileagePlus Miles

Well, it took a while but I have reached the magic number to redeem my MyPoints for the 5,000 United MileagePlus Miles. It took quite some time, but only cost me $10 out of pocket. For 8 months, I interacted with MyPoints. They would send me a Bonus Email at least a few times a day that gave me a free 5 points, if I clicked the link. Also, for 50-75 points, I could take a survey just about every day. At the end of this journey, I paid $10 out of my pocket to get a Spanish course on CD which also gave me 1,000 MyPoints. All in all, I found the spammy-ish program to be well worth it. If you are not a member of MyPoints yet, you can join and receive 750 United MileagePlus Miles after 30 days of active membership.

Now I am on to a new challenge. Swagbucks.This program is a little different. For one, there is a section that will allow you to trade in your old game systems, books, or cell phones for Swagbucks. A pretty cool way to recycle … Plus I have a ton of books I want to unload. 😉 I am shooting for the Southwest e-Gift Card for 5,795 Swagbucks.If you aren’t signed up for Swagbucks, they are offering 30 free points to sign up right now. I will keep you posted on my progress!

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