1,000 Bonus Rapid Rewards Points for Chase Rapid Rewards Card Holders

Rapid Rewards bonus miles

Watch this video and get 1,000 free Rapid Rewards points. This offer is valid for Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card holders only.



Southwest is a great way to travel for free faster because it usually requires less points than other airlines.

The benefit to having the Rapid Rewards Card is that you are able to use your miles on international flights. Southwest is partnered with 50 other carriers so you can to go to over 800 destinations worldwide, at competitive point rates. I checked out a flight to London from JFK and it was available at under 70,000 points.


But, the biggest reason to fly with Southwest is because of it’s availability to redeem your points to make reward reservations. This week, Flier Crier published survey results for attempts to make award travel on the top airlines. Southwest came in first AGAIN at 99%. WOW!

“The results, showing the percentage of successful award bookings for U.S./Canadian programs and the change from last year’s results:

  1. Southwest – 99.3 percent (No change)
  2. Air Canada – 82.1 percent (-11.5 points)
  3. JetBlue – 79.3 percent (New for 2011)
  4. United – 71.4 percent (+2.8 points)
  5. Continental – 71.4 percent (No change)
  6. Alaska – 64.3 percent (-10.7 points)
  7. American – 62.9 percent (+5 points)
  8. AirTran – 47.1 percent (-20.8 points)
  9. Delta – 27.1 percent (+14.2 points)
  10. US Airways – 25.7 percent (+15 points)”


Personally, I have flown Southwest more times than I can count, especially when I lived in Phoenix. It was almost always the cheapest way to go. I am happy that Southwest is expanding their horizons (they just bought ATA) and allowing an option for international travel with their Chase card.

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